How to get my code:

NOTE: Not all of my code is freely available. I do not want that outdated code is spread around on hard disks and web sites of file leechers. And I had quite some work with it and at least would like to know who is using it (and for what reason) - I think that is not asked too much...

So I set up this private file area I can grant certain (partial) download rights and (if wished) sending notices if files are updated.
Use the form below to request access to it, please fill in at least the e-mail field (otherwise I won't be able to send you the login data...) and answer the security question (to check if you are really a human in front of a web browser and not a spammer bot or similar...).

Request form:

Please tell me your e-mail to get in contact with you. You can also use it to send me some feedback, if you wish.

An easier way might be to check out the forum on FPGAARCADE.COM, as I spend a lot of time there getting my stuff running on the Replay board.

Please note: my experience from the last few years was, that a lot people (mis-)using this contact form for non-serious (spammer,...) purposes - even if they sent me quite "friendly" requests. And people are quite careless with e-mail adresses especially of others...
Of course I will not use your e-mail for any other purpose than answering (if I think it is required). Many providers censor and restrict their users by not allowing (e.g. binary) attachments until spending a lot of time to investigate how to pass it nevertheless.

So if you don't get an answer, it is very likely because:
I got it back from your provider (and I'll not spend any time to bypass your filters) or
I consider it a spam account (with "strange" email accounts containing weird characters) or
I got the impression you are not asking because of a hobby of yours (but you want to find e.g. a simple way through your exam?) or
you ask me to reply to a "free" mail account like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, ... (where you can pay with your privacy, but definitely not with mine - sorry)
So if you mean it serious, I expect you own also a serious web account from a serious e-mail provider you can use - end of the story...

reason (required):
e-mail (required, gmail/yahoo/hotmail reduces your chance to get a response):
your name (optional, but increases chance to get a response):
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